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10095767 Manitoba
At The Kocina, we respect Mother Earth, gather what she offers and transform simplicity to something extraordinary, you will find the “art” in artisanal. In its purest form, it’s a compliment to what we are give to sustain life.
A British Baker
Traditional British Bakery Items Freshly Baked For You!
Allie's Sweet Tooth
When Allie's Sweet Tooth started, I was a single mother of 2 girls, just wanting them to have special birthdays but I couldn’t afford to buy from the bakeries in my area. I created my first set of cookies for my daughter's 2nd birthday after teaching myself for several months. From that point on I was making and baking in my free time for friends and family while working 2 jobs. My father who is a web designer encouraged me to make this my career so I could be home with my girls. I doubted myself, he made me that site and 3 months later I was a full-time baker. That was 13 years go! I grew by referral and eventually started making cookies for the Stars! I now own 2 storefronts and my 4 daughters and husband help me in the shops every day! We value Each and Every one of our clients and customers, you support my dream with each purchase! Our small family business would not be here today without you!
Aloha Sunrise Granola
I know how hard it is to find a granola that is truly healthy- meaning it doesn't contain processed sugar, it has zero preservatives, and is made without ingredients that have been genetically modified or treated/grown with pesticides. As a result, I was never a fan of granola until I learned to bake my own. I was able to choose flavorful ingredients that are not only essential to my health but taste amazing when paired together! Here at Aloha Sunrise Granola, we bake mindfully with love using organic & natural ingredients.  Our purpose is to provide a clean, delicious granola to health conscious consumers while operating in an environmentally compassionate way.  Enjoy!
Ancient Choice
Our Mission is Simple We are committed to creating real food, so that people everywhere can enjoy a longer, healthier life. 'Ancient Choice' gets its name from a choice we all make when we reach for whole, natural foods. Before store shelves were overloaded with preservatives, corn syrup, and pesticides, food was simple and pure. It's no accident that simple foods are also the healthiest. So, when it's time to eat, we make the same choice our ancestors did - the Ancient Choice. Our Principles The foundation of our efforts at Ancient Choice is a body of well formed principles, which guide us as we explore new opportunities and engage with new communities. We believe that everyone deserves to know exactly what is in the food they buy. That's why we focus on sourcing from organic, sustainable farms in the regions where the food grows natively. When we prepare our foods, we never use chemicals or damaging heat. We believe that a community is strongest when it communicates. Our goal is to avoid a... More
AstroloTea® exists because of a respect for the balance between health and enjoyment, between conscientiousness and fun. It sprang to life from a search for a drink that was different, better - one with rich flavor and full body, and one that can help heal body and mind. No longer do you have to settle for bland and boring “healthy” teas, or flavorful drinks laden with additives, chemical residues and other wildly toxic ingredients.  AstroloTea® handcrafted specialty tea blends go beyond amazing flavor and offer you a vast array of nourishing and enriching benefits. Not only are they delicious and exotic, they are custom-blended using extensive knowledge of the unique properties of each ingredient to combine rich, flavorful body with the capacity for deep and profound transformation of both mind and body. AstroloTea® blends are formulated for how you want to feel as well as what you want to taste. What you drink matters in more ways than taste alone, so AstroloTea® blends are handcrafted using only... More
Baked by Beth
Made-to-order sweets & other treats for all occasions!
Barred Woods
Barred Woods was founded as a collaborative partnership among four friends who share a passion for Vermont, making maple syrup, and preserving our forests. Our name came to us from a chance encounter with a large barred owl while enjoying a walk through our Underhill sugarbush. She studied us from a tall spruce tree, and tolerated our questioning of "who cooks for you?". Taking this as a good omen, we named her Emma in honor of the woman who had once owned this beautiful parcel of land. Thus our company name Barred Woods was born, with Emma as our matriarch. We are very passionate about producing the best tasting and highest quality maple syrup possible. Our goal is to grow our maple syrup and other maple product offerings while being good stewards of the land and having a positive impact on the local economy. You've met Emma, here's the rest of us. Dawn grew up in Vermont and is an engineering graduate from the University of Vermont. Her passion for maple came from getting maple candy in the... More
Bee Squared Apiaries
My name is Beth Conrey and I am the owner of Bee Squared Apiaries, a small beekeeping operation located in Berthoud, CO. I have 125 hives in various locations in Weld, Larimer and Boulder counties. I began beekeeping some 20 years ago after reading a series of newspaper columns on beekeeping by my friend, Tom Theobald. I have always been a bit “buggy”. I collected insects as a 4H project in both Maryland and New Mexico and my collection still hangs in my front hallway. Tom’s articles inspired me to take a beekeeping class and the rest, as they say, is history.