Our Story

“Oh Goody!,” our grandmother expressed after biting into a slice of her signature coconut cake. A phrase we often heard at the dinner table when sharing gifts and delicious meals. From blueberry pies to homemade hot fudge, our childhood memories were surrounded by our grandmother’s delicious plates. These dishes were not only delightful, but also served as a way to connect with the ones we loved most. Our grandmother’s passion for cooking sparked a flavorful gumption in all of us and showed us the power of connecting those we love with delicious food and snacks.

Our family’s passion for high quality ingredients led us to make our own, award-winning, maple syrup on our family farm in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Despite its flavorful taste, we found no great way to sell our product directly to consumers. We discovered we were not alone. Thousands of boutique, artisan brands and homemade cooks do not have a place to share their passion with the world.

At OhGoody, our mission is to deliver the world’s greatest goodies from unique vendors around the globe. Whether it is grandma's cookies or a bakery’s famous pie, many of us share a universal love for the memories associated with delicious treats and snacks. Our vendors range from small to large, offering truly unique foods from bakeries to delis and snacks to sweets. OhGoody is building the platform for these exceptionally talented, small kitchen brands to deliver goodies to your doorstep.

As founding brothers, we hope OhGoody can bring memories to your loved ones just as our grandmother has to our family. Whether it is a gift, or a dish to share at home, we hope you enjoy discovering and sharing unique foods as much as we do!


The OhGoody Team